Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt


ESH Counselling - Mental Health Therapist St. Johns NL


Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt MSW, RSW is a registered clinical social worker in St. John's NL. With 28 years of experience in medical, physical rehabilitation and mental health social work, Elizabeth has the training and experience to help children, adults, and families meet their therapy needs. 

While all mental health issues are addressed  in this practice, we specialize in treating depression and anxiety, complicated grief, trauma, clinical anger and self esteem.

Elizabeth is specialized in treating trauma and PTSD and is a registered EMDR therapy practitioner.


ffice visits and telephone sessions are offered for your convenience. Referrals to our partner business Barry Hewitt Counselling also available to individuals and families seeking alcohol, drug and gambling addiction treatment.

Receipts available for insurance and taxation.


Isn't it time to make your mental health needs a priority?  Give Elizabeth a call to discuss your needs and make an appointment.