Individual and Family Therapy available

to treat:


Anger is an emotion we all experience, yet somehow there is tremendous shame and guilt attached to it. 

My approach is to help people who are not happy with the way they express anger understand why the problem exists and to make healthy choices.  The good news is that we are all capable of changing our anger patterns,,, yes even you!


I am the province's only certified Anger Solutions Trainer, and have been helping clients achieve their goals using this model for more than a decade. It really works!

If you are ready to make a healthy change, call for an appointment. You won't be sorry. 

Relationship Distress

Even the best relationships are complicated... that's why sometimes things go wrong. Worry and stress about our relationships at work, with our family, friends or partner can make us feel overwhelmed and sad. 


This practice offers:

  •  Individual therapy to help you understand how you feel about the problem , set boundaries, work on self esteem and just focus on your needs.

  • Family therapy to help you resolve conflict and find ways to work together to achieve shared goals in a respectful, non-shaming or blaming way.


I can help you work through those tangled feelings and take control of your wellness again in a way that makes sense to you. 

Depression and Anxiety 

Clinical Depression and Anxiety disorders are very difficult to live with, but not impossible. Everyone deserves to have the best quality of life possible and I am committed to helping you find yours. 

  • Are you experiencing difficulty     concentrating?

  • Is decision making more challenging?

  • Have you experienced a change in appetite and sleep patterns?

  • Is it difficult to leave the house?

  • Are previously enjoyed activities  not as fun?

  • Is your mind constantly racing?


These are common but treatable symptoms. My years of experience in mental health can offer you and your family helpful strategies. If you are ready to make some changes, give me a call.

Retirement Adjustment

So, you've been counting down the days until retirement for the last 40 years and now here you are...finally! But wait, why do you feel depressed and overwhelmed at the thought of retiring?


I offer retirement readiness sessions for you and your retirement partner. These single sessions can help you ensure a smooth transition and help you feel comfortable and happy in the next stage of your life. 

If you have already retired and are struggling to adjust, rest assured a bumpy emotional transition can be quite normal.

Research tells us that a period of low mood after retirement is common. There are however, many things you can do to take charge and have the retirement you planned from an emotional point of view. Give me a call and let's take charge of your retirement experience.

Addiction Counselling

Are you concerned about your alcohol use? Have prescription dugs become more important than you are comfortable with? Has recreational drug use become something more regular and you would like to make a change? Are you gambling and want to stop?

Barry is one of the leading provincial experts in the treatment of addictions and is here for your treatment needs. CBT, Motivational Interviewing and Structured Relapse Prevention interventions are available here. There is no judgement in our practice, only compassion and support. Give us a call.

Please check out our partner site: for your addictions treatment needs.

Trauma and Abuse Counselling

Sometimes terrible things happen to us as children or adults. Unspeakable things that can leave us shattered, unsure how to go on and unable to trust even the good loving people in our lives. 

Recovery from trauma is very intense but possible. I believe that everyone deserves to lead their best possible life and will walking beside you when you the time is right to pursue your recovery.

EMDR therapy is one of the treatment options available in this practice. Considered one of the top 2 psychotherapies effective in treating PTSD, this exciting therapy assists in processing stuck memories and offering relief.

With 28 years of trauma counselling, help is available here when you are ready.

Grief and Loss

Losing someone you love is incredibly hard. But, how do you know if the way you are grieving is not normal and you need help?


Here are a few quick things to watch for:

  • Does the pain of loss feel the same months later?

  • Are you avoiding thinking of your loved one as deceased?

  • Are you comforted by love of friends and family or have you isolated yourself from them?

  • Has the pain of loss kept you from work, school and usually enjoyed activities months later?

If you are concerned about the way you are grieving and would like to do some grief counselling, call for an appointment.

Stress Management

These days we are all multi-tasking. We work, get the kids to school, get together with friends and try to keep the bills paid. But sometimes other things happen that mean we don't have enough energy to keep going. What happens when our job is threatened, or we have a fight with a loved one, or we develop a serious illness? Suddenly life gets a lot more complicated.


II understand the complexities of busy lives because I lead one too. Isn't it time to manage your stress level so you can live your best possible life? Let's get started!